Bridge Nine Records


Terror "No Regrets No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days"


This full-length captures legendary modern hardcore band Terror in their beginning stages with never-before-heard performances from their most popular career-defining album, "Lowest Of The Low." Recorded back in January of 2003, Terror performed at the Showcase Theater in Corona, CA and the footage was captured by then-new filmmaker Ian McFarland (now of the established Killswitch Productions). With heart-stopping stage dives, singsongs and unparalleled energy from the band, "No Regrets No Shame..." captures Terror at their inception and in their glory days; a must-have for any modern-day hardcore fan.

Track Listing:

1. Another Face
2. What Have We Done
3. Keep Your Distance
4. Better Off Without You
5. Nothing To Me
6. Don't Need Your Help
7. Push It Away
8. Life And Death
9. Lowest Of The Low