Pirates Press Records


Territories "Colder Now"


When Calgary, AB, Canada, punk rockers Territories released their self- titled debut album on Pirates Press Records in 2018, they were a new band with a lot to say and a lot to prove. The band has truly outdone itself with the 11 songs on "Colder Now," deftly navigating the waters of the so-called "difficult second record" with a collection of songs that will blow the minds of longtime fans and newcomers alike. This is a band that pours their hearts and their minds into both their music and lyrics, tackling big issues, but always articulated from a relatable, personal perspective that acts as a rallying cry and a beacon of hope for everyone who feels alienated by modern society.

Track Listing:

1. Pacific Ghost
2. Hello Outsider
3. Superhero
4. No Ball & Chain
5. Powder Keg
6. 10A Street
7. Hometown Calling
8. 7 Lbs Of Hope
9. Do It Alone
10. The Company
11. Recognize The Game