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T.S. Warspite "Stop The Rot"


T.S. Warspite is made up of some long standing and productive members of the local scene (Pimmy from Violent Reaction, etc.), this sounds like friendship and experience, and some refreshing as fuck hardcore. "Stop The Rot" is a unique mix of the melodic sensibilities of Bad Religion, the streetwise hardcore of Violent Reaction, and heavier moments of fellow NWOBHC titans Big Cheese. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Slum Landlord
2. Checks And Balances
3. Benefits Cheat
4. Redemption Arc
5. Landfill
6. Cost Of Treachery
7. Scampia
8. Trench Sanity
9. Pollutant
10. Feedback Loop
11. SYLA
12. Stop The Rot
13. Mass Panic