Black Water Records


Syndrome 81 "Prisons Imaginaires"


From Brest, France, this is the debut full-length from Syndrome 81, who already left us with a handful of great singles and a couple of splits. Like many things French, there is an underlying sense of existential, hopeless despair layered with bursts of empowerment and perseverance. This is conveyed through dark, anthemic lyrics and moody guitar leads that land somewhere between Camera Silens and later Blitz.

Track Listing:

1. Vivre Et Mourir
2. Dans Les Rues De Brest
3. Futur Perime
4. Avenir
5. Violence Sociale
6. Les Derniers Jours
7. La Ville
8. Des Nuits Blanches
9. Toujours A L'ouest
10. Beton Froid
11. Sur La Breche
12. Fuir Son Passe
13. Lumiere Magnetique