Fat Wreck Chords


Swingin' Utters "A Juvenile Product Of The Working Class"


The first full-length for Fat and second overall, "A Juvenile Product Of The Working Class" finds Northern California's Swingin' Utters really honing their sound: a unique brand of melodic punk rock mixed with oi that proved timeless, following the band on a career that spands more than 30 years and ten full-lengths. Now available again on vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Windspitting Punk
2. No Time To Play
3. Nowhere Fast
4. Keep Running
5. Sustain
6. One In All
7. Derailer
8. The Next In Line
9. Sign It Away
10. Time Tells Time
11. Almost Brave
12. Fifteenth And T
13. London Drunk
14. The Black Pint
15. Bigot's Barrel
16. A Step To Go