Three One G


Swing Kids "Anthology"


Over the years, the nine-song Swing Kids' collection, "Discography," would become a staple for the Three One G community. After the sudden and immense loss of founding member Eric Allen, the band reformed to play two charity shows in his memory, and the documentation of this final chapter was a self-titled 7" single featuring an updated version of "Situation On Mars" as well as a new track titled "Fake Teeth." For the first time, all of these tracks have been remastered by Brent Asbury and are in one physical release, the complete "Anthology."

Track Listing:

1. Disease
2. Line #1
3. Clean Shade Of Dirty
4. Warsaw
5. Blue Note
6. Intro To Photography
7. Situation On Mars
8. Forty-Three Seconds
9. El Camino Car Crash
10. FakeTeeth
11. Situations On Mars