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Suzi Moon "Dumb & In Luv"


Originally from Southern California but relocated to Washington, DC, Suzi Moon and her band have put together an incredible debut album that is well worth the wait. "Dumb & In Luv" was actually written and mostly recorded before the release of her EPs - but she wanted to spend more time working on it to be able to present to you this cohesive collection of songs. For fans of The Interrupters, Ramones, Go-Go's, The Stooges, Joan Jett, and Social Distortion.

Track Listing:

1. Dumb & In Luv
2. Family Memories
3. California
4. Money
5. I Go Blind
6. Honey
7. Any Other Way
8. 99 Miles To Pasadena
9. Believe In Luv
10. Freedom