625 Thrash Core


Suppression / Mellow Harsher "Split"

The combination of these two bands on one release is guaranteed to melt your face off. The legendary Suppression drops 19 bursts of noise-laden, blasting violence, pushing their unique style of grinding thrash to the outer limits. Mellow Harsher, from Wisconsin, refines their brand of West Bay-influenced, pinch-harmonic grindcore to perfection, as if the spirits of Agents Of Satan, Laughing Dog, and The Kill were channeled into the corn fields of their home state. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Suppression - Take The Fall/Lone Gunman
2. Suppression - Unilateral
3. Suppression - Ground Zero Lounge
4. Suppression - Constipated/Disembodied Voice/Public Excretions/The Logical Outcome/Rabbit Ears/Overflow/Exhibiting Symptoms/Front Row Seat/Tent City/Red Carpet
5. Suppression - Mutually Assured Erection
6. Suppression - Abandoned Airwaves
7. Suppression - Expired
8. Suppression - Information Inflation
9. Suppression - Tapeworm
10. Mellow Harsher - Gacked
11. Mellow Harsher - Anti-Vibe
12. Mellow Harsher - Mental Defect
13. Mellow Harsher - Punishment Enough
14. Mellow Harsher - Flake