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Subhumans "The Day The Country Died"


The astounding debut album that established the Subhumans as a genuine force to be reckoned with, "The Day The Country Died," captured both the band’s serious anarcho-punk ideology and their irreverent sense of humor. Recorded over just four days during the heady summer of 1982 and released six months later in January 1983, when it quickly climbed to No. 3 in the UK's then-important independent charts. This exhilarating collection of songs has endured for four decades with the band still regularly kicking their live set off with the opening track, "All Gone Dead." New pressing now available on black vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. All Gone Dead
2. Ashtray Dirt
3. Killing
4. Minority
5. Mickey Mouse Is Dead
6. Nothing I Can Do
7. Dying World
8. Subvert City
9. Big Brother
10. New Age
11. I Don't Wanna Die
12. No
13. Zyklon-B-Movie
14. 'Til The Pigs Come Round
15. No More Gigs
16. Black And White