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Subculture "I Heard A Scream"

Subculture hailed from the same North Carolina scene as Corrosion Of Conformity and this LP, recorded in 1985 at the tail end of the first wave of hardcore, is an oft-overlooked and underrated document of that time. It's more than just adolescent punk rock, the musicianship is of a much more mature caliber but all the makings of a raging hardcore record are there, bringing to mind "Eye For An Eye"-era Corrosion Of Conformity and Urban Waste. Members would eventually go on to form Double Negative decades later.

Track Listing:

1. All My Love
2. Words I've Never Heard
3. Le Chartier's Principle
4. I Heard A Scream
5. Creatures
6. The Last Time
7. Explain
8. Stepdad
9. Relinquished
10. I'm Fed Up
11. Sadness
12. I Thought You Knew
13. Long Ago
14. Catholic Schools
15. Feelin' Good
16. Stomp Your Ass