Nothing But A Nightmare


Statement / Inhumane Nature "Only One Thing Cures In/Humanity (Split)"

Statement has been releasing music in some form or another since 1985, including records for Hardline and New Eden Records, and have always had a heavy stance on environmentalism and animal liberation. Inhumane Nature took root in Orange County, CA's peace punk and crust scenes in 1995 playing with bands like Resist And Exist, Armistice and Phobia. This split is the first new material from both bands in ten years and all formats are made in very limited quantities. The 7" will only feature the Statement songs but will contain a download for the entire split. Hand-numbered out of 50 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Statement - Sixth Extinction
2. Statement - Limits Of Compassion
3. Statement - Kill Mode
4. Statement - End The Cycle
5. Inhumane Nature - Static Screams (digital download only bonus track)
6. Inhumane Nature - Deafening Silence (digital download only bonus track)
7. Inhumane Nature - Last Breath (digital download only bonus track)
8. Inhumane Nature - Disintegration (digital download only bonus track)
9. Inhumane Nature - Zombie (digital download only bonus track)