Don Giovanni Records


Spitboy "Body Of Work: 1990-1995"

Spitboy blazed trails for feminist musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond during their brief but impactful life, touring the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Releasing records on labels such as Ebullition, Allied Recordings, and Bay Area-punk institution Lookout Records, they stood solitarily against what, at the time, was an almost entirely male-dominated subculture of punk and hardcore. 100% of the proceeds from the release will go to the National Women's Law Center. 2xLP includes digital download card.

Track Listing:

1. Seriously
2. Dysfunction
3. Motivated By Fear
4. Interdependency
5. Ultimate Violations
6. The Threat
7. Sexism Impressed
8. In Your Face
9. Violent Tongue
10. True Self Revealed
11. Word Problem
12. Touch
13. Right
14. In Tradition
15. Isolation Burns
16. Removal
17. Moral Casualty
18. Fences
19. Blue
20. You And Me And The Art Of Being A Woman
21. What Are Little Girls Made Of?
22. Emaciation
23. Unknown
24. Wizened
25. Six Feet Down
26. All Grown Up