Rescued From Life Records


Spazz "Live At KZSU"

There was only one Spazz. Now long-gone, this 19-song, 25-minute live set recorded during 1999 on KZSU radio proves that Spazz was something that will never be again. Mastered at Mammoth Sound.

Track Listing:

1. Zodiak
2. Snowcone Ribplate
3. Crop Circles
4. Hardboiled
5. Old Youth
6. Crocket
7. One Ghetto To The Next
8. Sword Of The Lord
9. WWF Rematch At The Cow Palace (Aluta Continua)
10. 4 Times A Day
11. Climate Best
12. Sluta
13. Droppin' Many Ravers
14. The Box
15. Typical Hardcore Song
16. Spudboy
17. Dewey Decimal Stitchcore
18. Swampfoot
19. I Hate The Kids
20. Interview