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Soul Side "Trigger/Bass 103"

Alongside bands like Shudder To Think and Swiz, Soul Side was part of the second wave of DC hardcore bands which was distinguished by increased melody and emotion. Soul Side recorded "Trigger" with Don Zientara in December 1987 and found the band evolving a more unique style, with oblique song structures and a strong reggae and hip hop influence in the rhythm section. This release compiles "Trigger" with the band's three-song single, "Bass-103," both of which have been out of print on vinyl since the early '90s. It has been remastered for vinyl by TJ Lipple and includes updated artwork by Jason Farrell and has been pressed on yellow vinyl. LP includes free album download.

Track Listing:

1. Baby
2. Trigger
3. Name In Mind
4. Problems Faced When Traveling
5. War.
6. K.T.T.K. (1+2)
7. Pocket Hurts
8. Forgiveness
9. Scott's Instrumental
10. Bass
11. 103
12. Other Side (live)