Creator-Destructor Records


Snuffed On Sight "Smoke"


Creator-Destructor Records and Maggot Stomp unite for our first cross-label co-release, presenting Bay Area brutal death metal/hardcore outfit SNUFFED ON SIGHT, and their impending debut 12" Smoke. Since their 2020 formation, SNUFFED ON SIGHT has polluted the planet with a suffocating array of material both independently and through Barbaric Brutality including demos, singles, EPs, a split with Corpse Pile, and more. Smoke dispatches listeners with eight slamming tracks in fifteen minutes; an extremely dense and crushing experience. Recorded by the band, the album was mixed and mastered by Hunter Young and Brandon Lopez at The Swamp Sound and completed with artwork by Johan Aberg/Cybernoseratu, lettering by Pyst, and photography by Kevin Burleigh, who also filmed the “Time 2 Dip” video.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Time 2 Dip
3. Slippin
4. DTD: Slumped
5. (Smoke Break)
6. Repeat Offender
7. Dummy
8. Smoke