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Skullcrack "Turn To Dust"

Skullcrack is a high-energy hardcore punk/crossover thrash band from Southern California. Skullcrack quickly made themselves known by self-releasing two EPs on their own imprint, Adios Motherfucker Records. "Turn To Dust," their debut full-length album, is guaranteed to be their densest, angriest onslaught thus far. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Obedience
2. Deep Shit
3. Cut Me Loose
4. 86'D
5. Blind Deaf & Dumb
6. Drown Them Out
7. On The Run
8. Hate Your Guts
9. Iron Triangle
10. Open & Shut
11. What Did You Expect
12. Turn To Dust