Revelation Records


Since By Man "We Sing The Body Electric"

Since By Man have the intensity of Converge, danceability of the Swing Kids, melodic sensibility of Milemarker and a vision all of their own. Formed in Milwaukee, 1999, Sam Macon (vocals), Justin Kay (guitar), Kevin Herwig (guitar), Jon Kraft (drums) and Bryan Jerabek (bass) have created a solid foundation from four full US tours and three releases on smaller indie labels, all now out of print. Together this five-piece form a cohesive, powerful unit that aims to give back to the musical community some of the sincerity and inspiration that it gave them. "We Sing The Body Electric" has a maturity unusual in a debut full-length though the precision and intensity shows their youth.

Track Listing:

1. If It Bleeds It Leads
2. Push The Panic
3. Light Fuse Get Away
4. A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid Is A Dead Kid
5. Death Of Decadence
6. In Threes
7. Watch The Fall
8. Its Just That Kinda Night
9. The Enemy
10. Whats Your Damage
11. Parole En Liberta