Puke N Vomit Records


Sin 34 "Die Laughing Expanded"


This PNV full-length compiles their long-out-of-print and rare, 1982 7" EP, "Die Laughing," along with their 1981 sessions. Sin 34 was a popular, early, first-wave Los Angeles, CA, punk/hardcore band known for their fast, defiant, angry, satire-filled sound. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Julie Lanfeld, Sin 34 also featured famed indie-film maker Dave Markey on drums.

Track Listing:

1. American America
2. Children Shall Not Be Heard
3. The Uniform
4. 12 Hour Trip
5. Join The Race
6. American America
7. Who Needs Them?
8. Say We Suck
9. Runaway
10. 34 Sins
11. Only Love
12. Fads
13. Children Shall Not Be Heard
14. Live Or Die
15. Nothing Makes Sense
16. Not (Phil version)
17. Forced Education