Reaper Records


Sai Nam "Crush"

Right from the start, Sai Nam was firing on all cylinders. From Dijan's heavy rock-esque riffage to Tripp's rapid fire vocal delivery, to Medina's thunderous/chaotic drumming, to Baltulonis' colorful production, and some bass work, "Crush" promises to deliver the goods in stylish fashion. With their debut full-length in tow, Sai Nam is ready to hit the road and play shows across the globe, bridging the gap between two generations of hardcore music.

Track Listing:

1. Live Fast
2. Crush
3. At The Mercy Of A Wicked World
4. Left Behind
5. Heathenize
6. The Escapist
7. Picked Clean
8. Comeback
9. Eternal Love
10. Take You Down