Mankind Records


Said Radio "Tidal Waves And Teeth"

The new EP featuring ex-members of The Nerve Agents, Redemption 87 and Unit Pride. Nine tracks of hardcore/punk that is musically as diverse as the people involved, drawing influence from all of their past bands but expanding it in all directions. From the TSOL-esque "The Killer (Mara)" to the Minor Threat rhythm of "Grey" to the Dead Kennedys influenced "Roses," the members of Said Radio have successfully created what they consider to be their best effort to date.

Track Listing:

1. Rogue Transmission
2. Anchor
3. The Killer (Mara)
4. Tidal Waves And Teeth
5. Cue The Crickets
6. Grey
7. Killing Her Softly
8. Hollow Man
9. Roses