Mystic Records


RKL "The Best Of"

Hear the earliest material from this classic California punk band that crossed the boundaries into hardcore with talented musicianship and a positive attitude. This release combines the "Keep Laughing" LP and the "Beautiful Feeling" 7" for a total of 23 songs. Now available on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Think Positive
2. Ded Teds
3. Life In A Bottle
4. Feelings Of Hate
5. Lifes A Gamble
6. Political Destruction
7. Not Guilty
8. Adolescent Death
9. Beautiful Feeling
10. Feelings Of Hate
11. Chinese Rocks
12. Beautiful Feeling II
13. Pothead
14. Senseless Violence
15. Unborn Child
16. Love To Hate
17. Passing Time
18. Why?
19. Tell Me The Truth
20. I'm Locked Up
21. U.S. Steel
22. Lies
23. No Respect