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Real Friends "Torn In Two"

Illinois-based band Real Friends has released their new EP, "Torn In Two," via Pure Noise Records. "Torn In Two" was produced by Andrew Wade, who has worked on albums for punk bands A Day To Remember and Neck Deep, as well as Mike Green, who has co-written and produced on projects for Sum 41, New Found Glory, and The Aces. This new EP incorporates a recurring motif of the torn-ness and separation we have recently experienced in our everyday lives. 12"ep includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Remedy For Reality
2. Nervous Wreck
3. Teeth
4. Spinning
5. Storyteller
6. Remedy For Reality (alternate version)
7. Nervous Wreck (alternate version)
8. Teeth (alternate version)
9. Spinning (alternate version)
10. Storyteller (alternate version)