Cleopatra Records


Reagan Youth "The Poss Tapes 1981-1984"


A treasure trove of unreleased live recordings and alternate versions of New York hardcore punk-rock icons Reagan Youth. Culled from the archive of longtime band associate and superfan Steve Poss. Includes full liner notes from Reagan Youth bassist Al Pike.

Track Listing:

1. I Hate Hate (live)
2. New Aryans
3. Beautiful Day
4. Urban Savages
5. Reagan Youth (demo)
6. Go Nowhere (demo)
7. Brave New World (demo)
8. In Dog We Dub
9. New Aryans (live)
10. Reagan Youth (live)
11. No Class (live)
12. Slow Anytown (live)
13. Anytown (live)
14. U.S.A. (live)
15. No Classendo