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Racetraitor "Creation And The Timeless Order Of Things"


First formed in 1996, the band - Mani Mostofi (vocals), Dan Binaei (guitar), Andrea Black (guitar and backing vocals), R. Brent Decker (bass), and Andrew Hurley (drums) - continues to be at the forefront of experimental hardcore, as sonically and politically charged as ever. The 13 songs on "Creation And The Timeless Order Of Things" focus on fighting for liberation from the oppressive systems that destroy humanity and the Earth, while creating a geographic autobiography of Racetraitor. The record addresses specific places, events, visions, and people, that all tie to the band members histories.

Track Listing:

1. Eid
2. Chamelecon
3. Cave Of The Patriarchs
4. Godspeed
5. Land Acknowledgment
6. Pastoral Monolith
7. Black Creek/Red River
8. Santa Apolonia
9. Sarcophagus
10. Subordinate Terror
11. Cape Rerenga
12. Sword
13. Pangaea Proxima