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Planet On A Chain "Culture Of Death"


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For the uninitiated, Planet On A Chain, or P.O.A.C. for the sake of brevity, is the confluence of members of some of the underground's most dynamic and explosive bands going back to the late '90s. This is hardcore music played by true lifers who never dropped out and returned only to relive past glory, who have continued to push their own creativity and capabilities for multiple decades. This is Planet On A Chain's "Culture Of Death."

330 Black, Magenta, And Yellow Swirl (RevHQ Exclusive)
635 Violet
218 Yellow (Armageddon/US and Devarishi/Germany)

Track Listing:

1. We All Fall
2. Invalidation
3. Culture Of Death
4. What You Fear
5. Kingsnake
6. About To End
7. Cocalero
8. Buried In A Lie
9. Whole
10. Single Use
11. Ready To Strike
12. Nothing Left