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Pinhead Gunpowder "Jump Salty"


"Jump Salty" contains the first songs by Pinhead Gunpowder, recorded 30 years ago but sounding just as fresh today. This compilation of singles and compilation tracks is back on vinyl for the first time in over a decade. Sonically, this full-length is a confluence of the bands from which members Aaron Cometbus (Crimpshrine, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Sweet Baby), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day, The Longshot), Sarah Kirsch (Fuel, Baader Brains, Mothercountry Motherfuckers), and Bill Schneider (Monsula, Uranium 9 Volt, Dead Sound) hail from.

Track Listing:

1. Future Daydream
2. Freedom Is
3. I Wanna
4. Losers Of The Year
5. Big Yellow Taxi
6. Dull
7. Keeping Warm In The Nighttime
8. Beastly Bit
9. Benicia By The Bay
10. MPLS Song
11. In Control
12. Hey Now