Relapse Records


Pig Destroyer "38 Counts Of Battery"

"38 Counts Of Battery" is a compilation album by the grindcore band Pig Destroyer, which was originally released on CD on November 28, 2000, through Relapse Records as part of their Underground series of albums and reissues. The recording collects nearly every release the band issued up to this point in time, including their debut "Explosions In Ward 6" album, their splits with Orchid and Isis, and their 1997 demo tape. Now available on colored vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Deflower
2. Tentacle
3. Yellow Line Transfer
4. Under The Fingernails
5. Elfin
6. Unwitting Valentine
7. Oven
8. Three Second Apocalypse
9. Treblinka
10. Fingers In The Throat
11. My Fellow Vermin
12. Endgame
13. One Funeral Too Many
14. Higher Forms Of Pornography
15. Honeymoon
16. Alcatraz Metaphors
17. Flesh Upon Gear
18. Pixie
19. Genital Grinder/Regurgitation Of Giblets
20. Exhume To Consume
21. Burning Of Sodom
22. Delusional Supremacy
23. Alcatraz Metaphors
24. Treblinka
25. Seven And Thirteen
26. Scouring The Wreckage
27. Torquemada
28. Frailty In Numbers
29. Suicide Through Decay (demo)
30. Dark Satellites (demo)
31. Seven And Thirteen (demo)
32. Flag Burner (demo)
33. Delusio