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PEARS "s/t"


The forthcoming, self-titled third album by PEARS is yet another significant step forward for a band that has grown by leaps and bounds on each album. Recorded with Chris FogaL at Black In Bluhm Studio in Denver, it's 14 songs and 31 minutes of the band's signature hardcore: heavy, melodic, blistering, pointed, and surprisingly catchy. While their former albums were written well in advance; this was written on the fly, and the result is 14 tracks with ankle-breaking tempo changes, frenetic guitar riffs, and impelling vocals. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Killing Me
2. Zero Wheels
3. Comfortably Dumb
4. Dial Up
5. Rich To Rags
6. Nervous
7. Naptime
8. PePaw
9. Worm
10. Funerals
11. Sympathy Cone
12. Daughter
13. Traveling Time
14. Cynical Serene