Beach Impediment Records


Peace Decay "s/t"


Serving as a follow-up to the 2022 "Death Is Only..." 12"ep, the self-titled full-length by these veterans of pummeling, sonic racket features ten tracks of the hardcore-punk madness that their first effort exhibited they were the stalwarts of. With this new release, Peace Decay has elevated their songwriting prowess and fierce delivery further than before. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, each record comes in a jacket with a full-color insert, both of which are garnished with an absolutely stunning painting by vocalist Enok Cado.

Track Listing:

1. Peace Decay
2. Parasitic Jackal
3. First Order
4. Lights Out, Hell In
5. Paralyzing Nightmare
6. Hammer Strike
7. Systematic Curse
8. Security By Sacrifice
9. Repetition
10. Mind Is Prison