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Overcast "Only Death Is Smiling: 1991-1998"

Bullet Tooth is excited to announce the 3xCD discography "Only Death Is Smiling: 1991-1998" from Massachusetts' metal legends Overcast. The band started in the early '90s long before the explosion of metal from the New England area, and released a few albums on indie labels until the late '90s when they broke up to focus on new bands like Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage, and more recently, Death Ray Vision. As a lot of their titles are currently out of print, the band decided to release "Only Death Is Smiling: 1991-1998" on Bullet Tooth featuring 45 tracks on three separate CDs.

Track Listing:

1. Grifter
2. Twodegreesbelow
3. Absolute Threshold
4. As A Whole
5. Allegiance To The Flesh
6. Iconoclasm
7. Bleed Into One
8. Diluting Inertia
9. Faceless (7" version)
10. Staredown (7" version)
11. Follow (7" version)
12. Bleed Into One (7" version)
13. Pure Agony
14. Grifter (7" version)
15. Forecast (7" version)
16. Apocalypse Upon Us
17. Spun
18. Filter Of Syntax
19. Styrofoam Death-Machine
20. Your (Destructive) Self
21. More Metal Than Your Ma's Kettle
22. Seven Ft. Grin
23. Dousing This Flame
24. Forecast
25. Seven Ft. Grin (split 7" version)
26. For Indifference (7" version)
27. Fate's Design (7" version)
28. Your Destructive Self (demo)
29. Forecast (demo)
30. Dousing This Flame (demo)
31. Spun (d