Capsule Records


Ottawa "The Third Age"


This is the original, 1994 recording direct from the reel from Ottawa, a spastic, chaotic, noisey hardcore band from Michigan, remixed by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden and remastered at Audiosiege, with new artwork by John Yates. Originally released on the Ottawa/Jihad split LP by Council Records and Abiology Records in the Fall of 1994. 12"ep includes digital download and a blank B-side. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Holy Of Holies
2. Pacification
3. Their Ploy
4. Desensitized
5. A Million Reasons
6. The Onslaught Of The Uruk-Hai
7. They Own You
8. Life Consumed
9. Misanthrope
10. Victim Of Dedication
11. Hollow
12. Cycle
13. The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields