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Orreaga 778 "Herrimina (Picture Disc)"

Formed in 2005, ORREAGA 778 has been consistently active with this being their 4th full-length, this time co-released by LSM Vinyl, Common People Records, Cementerio and The Firm Records. With influences that range from their local Basque punk roots to 80’s English and French Oi! bands, ORREAGA 778 brings an original sound to the Oi! scene that is memorable and a must have for every bootboy, skinhead, herbert and punk rocker!

Track Listing:

1. Herrimina
2. Durendal
3. Azken Ur Tragoa
4. Lehen Lerroko Defentsa
5. Izurri Beltza
6. Erronkarin
7. Iruzurra
8. Urtu