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Onionizm "Life Runs Like A Faucet"


Four brand-new tracks off of the new EP "Life Runs Like A Faucet" on side A, with the previous demo and remixes by Atlanta's own Viadante on side B. The new EP, of course, has all the indelible marks of a cooped-up singer-songwriter on a steady diet of Duster and Daniel Johnston: sparse, acoustic guitars against warm synthscapes, brief breaks of ambient noise, and short-lived but infectious melodies. And yet, it manages to escape easy categorization.

Track Listing:

1. Life Is Like A Faucet
2. For Love
3. Aero-Death
4. Hate Song
5. Horse Shoe Drive (demo)
6. Euclid Ave (demo)
7. Floyd Ave (demo)
8. Horse Shoe Drive (remix)
9. Euclid Ave (remix)