SIGE Records


Old Man Gloom "Seminar II: The Holy Rights Of Primitivism Regressionism"


Did Old Man Gloom ever progress past the work presented on this album? Highly debatable, though they have continued undaunted by their own irrelevance to make and issue subsequent recordings. Anyway, the vinyl for this particular album and its companion (cleverly titled "Seminar III"), have been unavailable for quite some time, and now thanks to the board of directors at SIGE Records are hereby presented anew - remastered and repackaged and made available for sale once again to the consumerist contingent of Old Man Gloom's middle-aged following.

Track Listing:

1. Brain Returns To Initial State
2. Bells Dark Above Our Heads
3. Branch Breaker
4. Radio Crackles Spill Down My Face
5. Hot Salvation
6. Breath Drops Out Nice + Glass
7. Rape Athena
8. Roar Of The Forest Turns To Thunder
9. Clenched Tight In The Fist Of God
10. ...Only Dogs Hear (Here)
11. Jaws Of The Lion
12. Smoke Out Loud
13. Deserts In Your Eyes
14. Meditations In B - Parts V + VI
15. Cinders Of The Simian Psyche
16. Three Ring Ocean Sideshow
17. Mandied (Self - Reborn)