Painkiller Records


No Tolerance "You Walk Alone"

Eight years after an impromptu afternoon jam that resulted in their first writing and recording session, and 4 years since their last record, No Tolerance return to deliver the straight edge hardcore album the youth and young-at-heart have been waiting for. Unchanged by the unstoppable march of time, "You Walk Alone" finds the band still able to mine the same territory as always, but formatted for the ebb and flow of a full-length album. Expect a meticulous alloy of "Break Down The Walls," Confront's "Payday" and the Hard Stance EPs. Now available on cassette.

Track Listing:

1. No Sympathy
2. Judgement Day
3. Not For Me
4. Never The Same
5. Keep Your Distance
6. Watch You Break
7. Victimized
8. Losing Control
9. Pay The Cost
10. No Excuse
11. Choosing Sides
12. You Walk Alone