Facedown Records


Nothing Left "Disconnected"

Nothing Left is back with the follow-up to their 2017 debut EP, "Destroy And Rebuild." Their first full-length release, "Disconnected" picks up where they left off - a high-energy, stripped-down, metallic hardcore sound, reminiscent of the dynamic underground music scene of their youth. The band, comprised of members from For Today, Silent Planet, Take It Back!, and A.B.F.P.B., brings a wide range of influences within the heavy music scene together to create their own aggressive sound. Vinyl version includes digital download and is limited to 250 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Choose Your Side
2. Dust Into Dust
3. Beneath The Surface
4. Deceiver Or Deceived
5. Death From Above
6. Into The Emptiness
7. Disconnected
8. Cycle Of Abuse
9. A Final Farewell