TKO Records


No Time "Suffer No Fool"


TKO Records is proud to announce the return of Pittsburgh, PA's premier oi/hardcore stalwarts No Time with their long-awaited "comeback" album, "Suffer No Fool." Taking some cues from skinhead/hardcore greats like Iron Cross, Agnostic Front, and Warzone, No Time crafted their own hybrid sound that blends real-deal, boots-and-braces, UK oi with classic, early-'80s style, American hardcore that evokes these influences without being constrained by them. With "Suffer No Fool," No Time has returned to this new scene they helped germinate, and take their place at the front of the pack.

Track Listing:

1. Intro/Never Wrong
2. Life-Sucker
3. True Hate
4. Suffer No Fool
5. G.F.P.
6. Automation Generation
7. Everything You Hate
8. Anxiety Blitz
9. No Love Lost
10. Rut
11. Blood & Steel
12. Savage Age
13. Survival