Puke N Vomit Records


Nisses Notter "Det Ar Krig"


Vinyl reissue of their rad, self-released demo tapes. Straight-up, off-the-rails, blistering, pre-teen hardcore punk from Goteborg, Sweden. This is teen angst in its purest form; we are talking hyper-fast, blow-the-speakers, full-throttle, screaming hardcore done only they way that kids can do it.

Track Listing:

1. Det Ar Krig
2. Fel
3. Pissefjong
4. Generaler
5. Jag Vill Inte Do I Nagot Karnvapenkrig
6. Nisses Notter
7. Kungen
8. Fred
9. Krigets Tyranni
10. Krossa N.R.P
11. Dod & Pina
12. Regeringen
13. Datorernas Dod
14. Fuck The Government
15. Governments Lie
16. Militar
17. Victims Of The War
18. Warhero