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Nightshade "Lost In Motion"

After much time and work, Nightshade (French/American metal band) has finished writing and recording a second full-length album at the renowned Studio Fredman. The new album covers a vast array of vigorous progressive sounds, technical melodic undertones and shatters the mold of the modern day metal spectrum. The very tight and raw writing/recording style gives the record a distinct, yet accessible, sound to a variety of personal musical preferences.

Track Listing:

1. Unleash The Rage
2. Rebellion
3. Winner (Or Not)
4. Lose Your Friends
5. The Depths Of Memory
6. A Dream. A Choice. A War.
7. Final Crop
8. If You Don't Have A Pawn In Your Game, You're Guaranteed To Fail
9. You Can't See Through My Eyes
10. FoxHound