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Neck Deep "s/t"


In the little over a decade since Neck Deep formed in the Barlow brothers' spare room in Wrexham, Wales, a lot has changed. But now, as the band stand on the brink of their fifth, self-titled full-length, there's an acknowledgement that the more things change, the more - in some ways at least - they stay the same. True enough, this collection encompasses everything the Walians have excelled at across their career, enhanced and dialed to 11.

Track Listing:

1. Dumbstruck Dumbf***
2. Sort Yourself Out
3. This Is All My Fault
4. We Need More Bricks
5. Heartbreak Of The Century
6. Go Outside!
7. Take Me With You
8. They May Not Mean To (But They Do)
9. It Won't Be Like This Forever
10. Moody Weirdo