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Napalm Death "Utopia Banished"


Originally released in 1992, this is the highly sought after fourth studio album from genre-leading giants Napalm Death. This was the first album to feature drummer Danny Herrera on drums after the departure of Mick Harris. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Discordance
2. I Abstain
3. Dementia Access
4. Christening Of The Blind
5. The World Keeps Turning
6. Idiosyncratic
7. Aryanisms
8. Cause And Effect (Part 2)
9. Judicial Slime
10. Distorting The Medium
11. Got Time To Kill
12. Upward And Uninterested
13. Exile
14. Awake (To A Life Of Misery)
15. Contemptuous
16. One And The Same (bonus track)
17. Sick And Tired (bonus track)
18. Malignant Trait (bonus track)
19. Killing With Kindness (bonus track)