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Naked Raygun "Throb Throb"


From its onset (the tube-crunch, surf guitar intro of "Rat Patrol"), "Throb Throb" sizzles like grease in a frying pan until it comes to a halt some 30 minutes later. While not as furious as Husker Du or as angry as the Misfits, "Throb Throb" is no less vehement, and ever the more working-class. Borrowing from the big-guitar sound of English heavy-metal bands like Iron Maiden and carving catchy melodies usually reserved for Top 40 pop songs into firebrands like "I Don't Know" and "Libido," Naked Raygun assures this record's place as a classic that is forever ahead of its time, regardless of when it is heard. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Rat Patrol
2. Surf Combat
3. Gear
4. Metastasis
5. Leeches
6. Roller Queen
7. On
8. I Don't Know
9. Libido
10. Only In America
11. No Sex
12. Stupid
13. Managua