Convulse Records


Nag "Human Coward Coyote"


Picking up right where they left off on 2021's "Observer" full-length, "Human Coward Coyote" is an exercise in sprawling post-punk tinged with darkwave, with roots in hardcore punk. This is a record that hypnotizes as much as it exhilarates, that settles in and explores new sonic territory while remaining concise. This record will welcome you to writhe along with it; it would be rude not to accept. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. phANGS
2. Camoflage
3. Crisis Of Faith
4. Q Laz
5. Kismet
6. Space
7. Repulsion
8. State Of Flux
9. Permafrost
10. Frozen Dirts