Armageddon Label


Mutilated Tongue "Fuel The Flame"

Bay Area, CA, three-piece Mutilated Tongue is made up of three members of Look Back And Laugh, plus Talk Is Poison, Ex-Youth, and many others. Importantly, Mutilated Tongue features drum wizard Moses Saarni of Look Back And Laugh whose drum style is fast, frantic, and powerful, while Brian Stern's howls hearken you back to his days as one of the vocalists of political powerhouse Talk Is Poison. This record is 10 tracks of fast, raw hardcore punk played by people who have been living the fight and giving countless records of urgency for years. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Fuel The Flame
2. Society System Overload
3. Out Of The Darkest Rut
4. Unknown
5. Off Track
6. Undercurrent
7. Avarice
8. Power Craze
9. Civilization's Crash
10. One For The People