Sorry State Records


Mutant Strain "Murder Of Crows"


Mutant Strain is a vicious hardcore-punk outfit from North Carolina who comes with a sound that is both raw and catchy. Guitar tone, production, and melodies are akin to what we have heard from Savageheads recently, but are delivered with the speed and urgency of recent Scandavian standouts Exil, while Melyssa's vocals sound like she's been listening to lots of Gauze and Wrecking Crew. LP includes digital download and a poster.

Track Listing:

1. Terrible Heat
2. Crutch
3. Knuckle Dragger
4. Tethered
5. Night Hag
6. Carolinian Jawbreaker
7. Murder Of Crows
8. Don't Care Don't Know
9. Peace Of Mind
10. What's Next?
11. Words Fall