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Moving Targets "Burning In Water"

"Burning In Water" is an overlooked post-punk masterpiece, a holy grail of 1980s Boston rock that is one of the missing links between Mission Of Burma and the Neats, and later bands like The Lemonheads, Bullet Lavolta, and Buffalo Tom. An unrelenting, urgent work, this explosive debut LP is chock-full of consistently excellent songwriting and impressive, aggressive musicianship. "Burning In Water" captures Moving Targets at their early peak - like Boston's eager answer to Husker Du. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. The Other Side
2. Faith
3. Let Me Know Why
4. Shape Of Somethings
5. Less Than Gravity
6. Almost Certain/Drone
7. Urban Dub
8. Always Calling
9. Underground
10. MTV
11. Funtime
12. Coming Home