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Minutemen "What Makes A Man Start Fires"


Originally released in 1983, "What Makes A Man Start Fires?" is the second studio album and fifth release by the Minutemen. At almost twice the length of their previous album, "The Punch Line," the Minutemen's songs began surpassing the two-minute mark. For what would be the only time on a Minutemen release, all of the lead vocals were sung exclusively by guitarist/vocalist D. Boon, although bassist Mike Watt does contribute backing vocals.

Track Listing:

1. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
2. One Chapter In The Book
3. Beacon Sighted Through Fog
4. Fake Contest
5. Mutiny In Jonestown
6. Pure Joy
7. Faith
8. '99
9. The Anchor
10. Sell Or Be Sold
11. The Only Minority
12. Split Red
13. Colors
14. Plight
15. This Road
16. The Tin Roof
17. Life As A Rehearsal
18. Polarity