SST Records


Minutemen "The Punch Line"


Originally released in 1981, "The Punch Line" is the debut studio album and third overall release by the Minutemen, and the fourth-ever release from SST Records. Less than half the length of most full-lengths, the total playing time for all 18 songs is a mere 15 minutes. The album was an early milestone release for the band and SST.

Track Listing:

1. Search
2. Tension
3. Games
4. Boiling
5. Disguises
6. The Struggle
7. Monuments
8. Ruins
9. Issued
10. The Punch Line
11. Song For El Salvador
12. History Lesson
13. Fanatics
14. No Parade
15. Straight Jacket
16. Gravity
17. Warfare
18. Static