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Millencolin "Life On A Plate"

Millencolin's second album and first Epitaph release, "Life On A Plate" (1996) went straight to number four on the Swedish album charts. From the speedy, melodic, skatepunk of "Bullion" and "Softworld" to the clever, well-constructed pop/ska of "Story Of My Life," this record firmly established Millencolin's catchy, original and creative style and marks their arrival on the US music scene. The cover artwork is an airbrush painting by the band's own Erik. Imported from Sweden.

Track Listing:

1. Bullion
2. Olympic
3. Move Your Car
4. Killercrush
5. Friends 'Til The End
6. The Story Of My Life
7. Jellygoose
8. Replay
9. Vulcan Ears
10. Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hide
11. Softworld
12. Buzzer
13. Ace Frehley
14. Airhead