Rad Girlfriend Records


Mikey Erg Band / Raging Nathans "Split"


Raging Nathans are back with another split 7" EP, this time with New Jersey punk mega-stalwart Mikey Erg and his band. Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) contributes the name of the EP and the cover art to this collectible piece of punk-rock history. Adding to their seemingly never-ending list of releases, the record features two songs from each band. 7" includes digital download of EP and one additional track.

Track Listing:

1. Raging Nathans - Spring Cleaning
2. Raging Nathans - Mediochrist
3. Mikey Erg Band - Drinks With Margaret
4. Mikey Erg Band - Why Was I Programmed To Feel Pain
5. Mikey Erg Band - You Wreck Me (digital download only bonus track)